Trixie's Trailers

A short walk outside the town is a small park almost overflowing with trailers of varied sizes and states of disrepair.

There is a single road leading in and out of it, with a small hut with a ‘security guard’ inside dividing the lanes. Jed, the ‘guard’, is the cousin to the owner and takes a little pride in the fact that there is almost no way that he can screw up this job. That being said, he does little to nothing inside the guardhouse other then read magazines of a colorful variaty—everything from Playboy to Highlights—and catch up on the reruns of his sometimes favorite shows. When the antenna works.

Next to the entrance is the main office building. The largest, and only real, building on the lot houses several rooms, including one office, two bedrooms and a unisex bathroom. Outside there are several shower stalls and lockers. There is almost always someone at the desk, in the off chance there isn’t, there is a small silver bell that can be heard in the office behind where the landlord Cara can more often be found. Though she is only about 40 years old she seems to have the knack of keeping the area well maintained. Though she has very little tolerance when it comes to tardiness in rent.

Within the labyrinth of trailers and RVs is Terance’s Trailer

Trixie's Trailers

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