The Royal Family of Video Land

The Royal Family of Video Land is a long dynasty of benevolent rulers, residing in the Palace of Power. While most worlds and lands are allowed to govern as they see fit, all owe fealty to the crown.

The last seated King of Video Land was Charles. He was banished into the Mirror World by Mother Brain in her first attempt to seize Video Land for herself. This left his daughter, Princess Lana, to rule in his absence. Lana has a brother, Prince Lyle, who was last known to be protecting a fabled treasure on the planet of Tetris.

Lana had a son, also names Charles, which she had sent to The Real World to live with his father, Kevin Keene prior to the Final Battle with mother Brain. The details of the events that led to Charles Keene’s conception and birth are not known to anyone in Video Land but the original N Team, and its only surviving member, Samus Aran, has been silent on this issue thus far. Rumors persist in some worlds still loyal to the crown, but there has been no evidence to prove that there is any remaining member of the family still alive.

Princess Lana and Prince Lyle are missing since the Final Battle, and King Charles was last known to still reside in the Mirror World, but has not been seen since prior to the Final Battle. The Palace of Power currently has no reigning monarch, protected by a barrier put into place and originally designed to prevent the Palace from falling into the wrong hands…

The Royal Family of Video Land

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