house rules

House Rules

Advancement Points

Advancement points are granted to help build a character over time in Tri-Stat. Advancement Points will be issued periodically by the GM. (Usually at the end of a session or episode.) These points should be held for adding new abilities, skills or altering stats as necessary and as the story dictates. The GM has the right to review and revoke points spent as necessary to keep the story flowing correctly and to ensure balance among the players.

At least once during the course of the campaign, all players will be asked to use their advancement points at the same time to show their growth as a team.

Players will use Advancement Points just as they would Character Points when creating their character. Core Attributes (Body, Mind, Soul) still will cost 2 points/level, and skill points will have to be purchased through the Highly Skilled Attribute.

It should be noted that no player is allowed to exceed any limitations on an attribute as declared by the GM. The GM also has the right to approve or deny any changes to a character prior to use in game.

Burn Points

Not covered in the core Tri-Stat Rules are Burn Points. Like Advancement Points, these are granted by the GM on a regular basis. These points are used for two purposes:

  • to alter a die roll to a more acceptable number
  • to temporarily stretch a character’s attributes or skills beyond their normal means

Altering a die roll
Everyone has a bad roll now and then. Most players wish to have as good a roll as possible every roll, and Tri-Stat does allow for this with the use of Divine Relationship. This goes against the nature of the Attribute however.

Divine relationship is designed for Player Characters who are either extra-ordinarily lucky, or for those, as the name implies, have a relationship with a power significantly great to ensure that their charge is less capable of making a mistake.

Burn Points are good to make this delineation. The player can decide whether or not to let a roll stay by deciding if they want to alter the roll by using their earned points to ensure their victory, as more of a willpower determination, or hold those points for something greater down the road. The ratio for burning points to alter die rolls are as follows:

1 Burn Point = +/-1 to a die roll

The player is free to make the choice to use Burn Points as they wish, except by intervention of the GM. The GM should only refuse the use of burn points in this fashion if it better serves the story.

Burn points are discarded after any use and cannot be re-used.

Burning an Attribute or Skill

Burn Points can also be used to temporarily enhance an Attribute or Skill as the story permits to perform feats not normally allowed by the character. This can be explained best as either a desperate move or an intense adrenaline-filled decision, where stakes are high and the character would normally not be able to perform the feat being described.

Burning an Attribute or Skill costs the value of that Attribute or skill to change that level temporarily. If the Attribute costs 8 points/level, then 8 points would need to be burned to alter the Attribute by 1 level.

In rare cases, and as approved by the GM, a player may be able to tap into an attribute or skill they do not have with this ability. It’s effect is only for that single use, though Advancement Points may be approved to invest in the attribute or skill afterward.

As with altering a die roll, using Burn Points on an Attribute or Skill will consume the Burn Points used, and they cannot be re-used again.


This campaign will not be using PMV’s for any attribute at this time. It is expected that all players will treat their attributes as they are intended for their character and not beyond those means. If abused, PMV’s may be enforced to ensure proper growth of the story.


Knockback will be determined by the GM, not dice rolls.


Damage is always calculated at the maximum percent, no die rolls are necessary.

house rules

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