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  • The Hacker

    Hacker is dressed in all black. He is protected by a powerful energy shield seemingly at all times and has the ability to create portals. He has thus far been mute, allowing his partner, [[:the-freak | The Freak]], to speak for him instead.

  • The Nerd

    Of all of the Real World Outsiders, the Nerd is the most outspoken. Unlike in the Real World where he is an outcast, in Video Land, his knowledge is his power and he has shown that power in a tremendous way. Video Land residents fear him and his name.

  • The Jock

    Gary Grant, All-Star athlete for Northbridge University, has been revealed to be The Jock. He has abilities in Videoland that rival Charlie Keene, or possibly in some ways exceed it. His focus is mainly on sports and improving his game. In the real …

  • The Freak

    The Freak dresses the part with purple colored hair and dressed in all black, spiked, or belted clothes, and behaves as one would expect a Freak would. Coming from the Real World has granted her abilities beyond the limits of normal Video Land residents. …

  • The Pirate

    The Pirate is part of the shadowy group that calls themselves The Masters of Video Land. His motives are unclear, and he has a vast control over the sale of items, both legal and illegal, normal and hacked. He claims to have control over all web-based …

  • 73H 1337

    73H 1337 1Z AW3S0M3, Y0... 1 B3 K1KN Y0 AZZ A11 0VA V1D30LAND! The Leet is friendS with The Nerd both in the Real World and in Video Land, but clearly the Nerd has more skill. The Leet is a formidable foe as well, but he talks a bigger game than he …

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