The New Adventures of Captain N

This is messed up
via Twitter shortly after Charlie's first venture to Videoland

Fainted. Strange dreams of video game land. Might know who my Mom is. My Dad is such an ass.

We're Not In Palette Town Anymore!

PokeDex Log Entry 1
Trainer: Red

Ok, so this is like, totally crazy! One minute I’m exploring some tall grass trying to catch some Pokemon (so I don’t embarrass myself at my first gym battle) and then the next, this massive Space Pokemon comes flying out of nowhere! Godzilla, my Charmander almost wiped the floor with him, but he did some kind of special freaky space move and I blacked out!

Before you know I wake up in this huge field with some old castle. It was surrounded by some kind of energy field (like the kind PokeMon can make) and there were all kinds of weird space ships flying around it! Out of one ship came this crazy metal Lady named Samus. I thought she was a Steel type at first but I couldn’t catch her with my PokeBall. She was arguing with some kind of blue falcon guy named Falco! Get this, HE WASN’T A POKEMON~! It was so messed up, he talked and wore pants and everything! Him and the Space Lady were arguing and pointing guns at eachother.

That’s when I saw a … Dog? I don’t know, I thought it was a PokeMon called a Bark, because that’s what it kept saying. It attacked me with some kind of stinky yellow water attack on my leg! I freaked out and tried to catch it with my Squirtle named Gihdorah. That’s when this Farmer Guy came flying out of nowhere and tried to flatten Squirtle with a hammer! Who does that? Seriously?

Anyway he said his name was Ernest and that the “Bark” was actually his “dog” named Blue?! It wasn’t a Pokemon either! On top of that, none of these people even HEARD of a Pokemon! The only guy who new about them was this older kid named Charlie Keene and he said he had like 57 of them! BUT, get this, he didn’t have any on him?!

So apparently we all got warped to this strange place called the Palace of Power and there was a big junk heap sitting on its lawn that looked like a giant robotic brain thing. We went inside and almost got ourselves killed! It looks like Falco and Samus can jump real high and do all sorts of crazy gun stuff too. They had to help us across a big electrical pit trap because me and Ernest couldn’t cross on Cthulhu (he’s my Bulbasaur) using his vine whips.

While we were getting helped across, Charlie wandered off and got himself stuck behind a door (and they call ME a kid). The power went out and we couldn’t get the door open. All my Pokemon attacks were ineffective! Even Ernest had Super Strength and tried punching the door, but nothing happened! The Metal Lady, Samus ran off in the other direction to try and find a way around it looked she got scared by some kind of funny looking floating Jelly Fish, called a Metroid. It looked weak, but I didn’t have the time to catch it, it sunk into some water and we tried to go after it.

I don’t know why she was scared, it looked like a simple electric type. So anyway, Falco and Samus argued some more while Ernest and me tried tying a fishing line to Squirtle and sent him into the water. He must have found something cool because the power came back on. Falco and Samus ran off, leaving me and Ernest alone! I know it’s kinda weird, but Ernest looks like a kid with a big swollen head but he keeps saying he’s an adult. That’s ok because he likes animals too and he gave me pie! He also put some soap in my mouth because I said a bad word but it didn’t taste as good.

Ok so we found Charlie and he looked all confused and we all got back together and had to leave the ruins because Samus said something was wrong. He (Charlie, not Samus, Samus is a girl) had a really neat sword! When we were trying to leave, there was this guy in a big black dress with a hood and some evil looking lady with spikes and a funny costume. I think they were called the Trance and the Hacker. They made fun of us allot and Falco tried to shoot them a bunch with his gun. It blew up in hands (wings?) so the ugly bad guys summoned more of those Metroid things! I tried to catch another one but these were stronger. It didn’t matter because Samus shot them all and they fainted.

We ran outside and this BIG HUGE COLOSSAL UNDEAD BRAIN WITH ONE EYE popped out from the ruins and tried to kill us! I tried to use Cthulhu’s Vine whips to grab it but it was too strong! Charlie also stabbed it with his sword and got it real mad! It flung him real far and Ernest had to catch him! Ernest then grabbed Bulbasaur and started dragging the Brain thing across the ground! Charlie jumped up to attack it again with his sword at the same time Falco shot this huge exploding ball from his ship! Samus jumped in front of it and everything went white!

There was this huge hole in the ground and Samus couldn’t be found! Falco looked real sad and Ernest started digging in the hole for her. I had my PokeMon help dig too and before you know it, Samus shot out of the ground like a cannon ball. Seriously she was like a round cannon ball!

So we all got on Samus’s ship because she said we had to go to this place called Final Fantasy World or something like that. While we were on the ship, Charlie passed out and fainted! He disappeared and probably wound up back at the nearest Pokemon Center! He’s so lucky, because I think me and my Pokemon are tired! I hope I can find new Pokemon in this weird Final Fantasy World because I am so confused and out of my element!

Oh yea and the big ugly brain thing wasn’t a Pokemon either, I know I tried to catch it!

The Beginning

A new Captain has been chosen to champion for Video Land. With his new team of heroes, can he make a difference? Can he stop those that would take Video Land for themselves?


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