Wolfram Moellendorff

The biggest lug you'll see quoating poetry


Wolfram (or as he says it, Vulfurm) Moellendorff is part of the foreign exchange program of the college, coming from Hannover, Germany to study English and poetry. He towers over most of the other students in his class, standing six foot three. Born with natural athletic ability (or at least being born big) he joined the school’s football team as center guard. Somehow he’s become one of the more popular football team members, with girls in the stands sometimes chanting “Wolf” over and over and making him knock over the other team with a bit more enthusiasm.

Despite his appearance and football team status, Wolfram is actually a major fan of literature. If he is not seen in class on or the field he can usually be found with his nose in a book, usually some form of poetry. While he can write in both German and in English, his accent makes it pretty difficult for him to speak English at times. He is working with another student, Kiku Ishida, to try and learn the language better and overcome that barrier.

Coming from a middle class family in Germany, Wolfram is finding it hard to identify with the only other German student in his classes. To him, Albert von Krauzer is the polar opposite to everything that Wolfram is.

Along with being a poet and a football player, Wolfram is also very fond of video games. He might not play them as often as everyone else, but he’s a dead shot in games such as Call of Duty and Halo. He also enjoys survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. If anyone brings up the subject of MMORPGs with him though he will say the same line over and over: “People need to get off the Vowcraft!”

Wolfram Moellendorff

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