Tom the Cyber Elf

Nascent computer virus, friend of the N Team - or terrible foe?


[Power level: Classified]


Virus 001, or Tom the Cyber Elf as he was dubbed by Red the Pokemon Trainer is a nascent self-aware virus constructed by a Master known as The Programmer. He was assigned to wait further instructions in Mega Land, the details of which are unclear. What is clear is that he waited obediently for centuries of time.

When the N Team found what was left of Tom, he had the equivalent mental capacity of a toddler, and with the assistance and combination of components of Tom from different time periods, have restored him mostly to a pre-teen or young teenager mental state.

Tom seems to have the ability to copy any ability he sees, with varying degrees of success. He seems to best be able to mimic moves by Pokémon, or moves that can easily be seen. He has the natural ability to fly, though his shape changes based on any number of factors, usually remaining vaguely humanoid.

Tom was originally made to serve The Masters in some fashion, and thus far, they have all shown the ability to wield him and his abilities with deadly finesse. However, Tom has learned from The N Team that there is a life beyond the servitude of The Masters, and he has decided to stay with his new found friends.

The question is, will The Masters let him stay this way?

Tom the Cyber Elf

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