The Jock

All-Star Athlete and competent scholar, not above changing the world to suit his ends...


stats: Unknown


Gary Grant, All-Star athlete for Northbridge University, has been revealed to be The Jock. He has abilities in Videoland that rival Charlie Keene, or possibly in some ways exceed it. His focus is mainly on sports and improving his game.

In the real world, Gary is a typical jock, living up to his Video Land identity. He is athletic, good looking, and popular on and off campus. He has a womanizing reputation, and can be condescending to anyone who he does not see as on par with his ability. Unlike most of the jock stereotype, he is also quite intelligent, maintaining a consistently high GPA. He is hoping to make it to the NFL one day, and seems well on-track to do so, already being scouted by more than one team.

The Jock had been known to associate with The Pirate, from as early as the incidents in the Mushroom Kingdom. The two do not really get along well, having no common point of reference, except for their greater goal. The Jock was ultimately betrayed by The Pirate, and removed from Video Land by Charlie, who zapped him with the Zapper.

It remains to be seen if Gary is a bigger threat to Charlie and the N Team in or out of Video Land. He clearly has a grudge with Charlie, and he will not let him forget it anytime soon.

The Jock

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