Soma Cruz

Reincarnation of Dracula, this man fights his destiny to break the cycle of evil.


Soma Cruz is the reincarnation of Dracula, lord of Castlevania. While he has many of the abilities of his previous life, he has not succumbed to evil by denouncing God as done in his previous life, becoming an evil vampire.

He is joined on his adventures by many friends, including his love, Mina, and Mr Aricado, a mysterious government agent.

When Castlevania reappeared over his home city, and Mina disappeared, Soma returned to the evil castle to save her from certain death…

The N Team met Soma at the gates and helped him find Mina, or so they thought. An Evil Ritual that had supposedly killed her turned out to be a Doppleganger in disguise. Charlie Keene revealed this to Soma before evil could overtake his heart. He was separated from the N team after and attack by The Nerd and 73H 1337 and left in Castlevania, still searching for Mina…

Soma Cruz

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