Simon Belmont

Pretty-boy vampire slayer, champion of Castlevania


Simon Belmont’s history is somewhat… complicated. He is on an eternal quest to save Castlevania from Count Dracula, to whom he is related, though he himself is not a vampire. He wields the legendary whip, Vampire Killer as well as an array of evil-fighting weapons, and is an efficient and powerful fighter, albeit poorly armored.

Simon joined the N Team and is in love with Princess Lana, which led to some friction between him and Professor Kevin Keene when he was the Captain of the first N Team. Once her choice was clear in who she loved, Simon remained a loyal servant of the Princess up until the end.

Simon also has a friendly rivalry with Samus Aran, constantly trying to one-up each other.

Simon is currently sealed inside the Palace of Power, awaiting the return of The Captain.

Simon Belmont

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