Samus Aran

A badass bounty hunter in a big orange suit.


Samus Aran is a mystery to most people who know her; her tendency to pop in and out of contact with the Federation has driven more than one commander to frustration, but her stellar record as both a marine with the Galactic Federation and a mercenary bounty hunter in later years is enough to merit at least a little respect in such circles.

As a child, Samus was orphaned by a Space Pirate raid on the small mining colony of K2-L. Ridley, the raid captain allowed his men to commit gross larceny and murder on the people of K2-L, and when the dust settled only the three-year-old Samus was alive to tell the tale. She was taken in by a group of Chozo, who adopted her and raised her as their own on their harsh home planet of Zebes. Undergoing both gene therapy and extensive physical training, Samus grew into a formidable fighter by the time she was barely a teenager. In hopes she could help protect their race, the Chozo gave her the iconic Power Suit, having built it to integrate seamlessly with her previous training and Chozo-infused DNA and sent her off to the Federation to make her own way.

Samus doesn’t talk much about her time with the Galactic Federation, except to say that it helped to make her the person she is today. Whether this is a good or bad thing isn’t really certain, but she remains silent on her past with the Federation. All that is known is that she left the force quickly and quietly took up the mantle of a bounty hunter, a job that suited her more than she would like to admit.

In recent years, Samus has become inexorably drawn toward situations involving her past as a Chozo ward and survivor of K2-L. From destroying the Chozo supercomputer gone mad a dozen times to battling Ridley to the death more times than she wishes to count, she cannot help but stand and fight when she is called to. Some call that pride, or foolishness, or a wish to repay the Chozo for all their kindness and care, but she doesn’t say exactly what she’s thinking on the subject. Any sense of pride or revenge or terror is hidden under her mask, and she rarely lets that drop in the presence of anyone but her own reflection.

Samus is a loner who makes her own way in the galaxy, and it is a rare person that has looked past the suit and seen the woman hidden within. She does not trust lightly, and is wary and skittish around particularly loud or unruly persons, but she will always honor a vow that was willfully given, and does not break a promise. Her word is all she has to give, after all.

Samus Aran

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