Samantha "Sam" Jones

A tomboy from Middle America who will kick your ass, seriously, she'll do it.


Samantha Jones lost her mother at a very young age, and grew up in a small Ohio town surrounded by four older brothers and a hard-working father who owned the town auto-body shop. Consequently, young Samantha took to being called “Sam,” wore dirt- and grease-stained overalls while she climbed trees and collected bugs, and generally got up to mischief that no one could keep under control. Any attempt to turn her into a ‘young lady’ by some of the more well-meaning neighborhood matrons ended disastrously (some of which she still hasn’t lived down); she never really grew out of that tomboy phase, and most of her (male) friends in middle and high school thought of her as just one of the guys – until, that is, she hit puberty. The constant threat of her overprotective brothers kept the boys away for the most part, but now that she’s in college miles away from her family, she’s been dumped from her tiny bowl into the ocean, and she’s having a fantastic time navigating the complicated social hierarchy. She also doesn’t have many female acquaintances, tending to still hang around with boys, who she gets along with better anyway.

Sam is a tall girl with short brown hair and hazel eyes who smiles easily and infectiously. She’s an unabashed tomboy, wearing t-shirts and baseball hats and big black boots and hasn’t touched a dress since she was seven years old. She’s confident and brutally honest, and doesn’t like to judge people, even when they judge her right back. She’s also quite pretty; Sam’s late mother was a beautiful woman, and Sam is starting to resemble her more and more every day, despite her short, shaggy haircut and tendency to dress in worn-out, grease-stained jeans. She keeps a picture of her mother with her at all times, in a tiny locket around her neck. She tries to downplay her looks as much as possible and doesn’t bother with makeup; she also cuts her own hair.

Sam is an engineering major, with a minor in computer science; Professor Sid makes no attempt to hide that she’s his favorite, and treats her like a surrogate daughter, meaning she’s quickly becoming the top student in her male-dominated classes. She has a part-time job at the local auto-body shop, working the desk and helping out with bigger repairs when they’re short on hands. She rides a motorcycle she built herself, and splits her time between working on it and preparing to defend her title at the arcade’s annual Street Fighter tournament, using skills gleaned from years of watching her brothers play (and later beating them into the ground until they gave her a turn at the controller).

She’s also close to her family, despite their current distance; her brothers consist of Drew, the oldest, who works with their father in his shop; Joe, the second oldest, who is a lawyer and the first in their family to graduate college; Neil, the third oldest, who is a reporter for the local newspaper; and the youngest brother, Robbie, is finishing his last year of college in Michigan studying computer science. Her father, Bill, makes no attempt to hide his worry for his baby girl living all alone and far from her family; she tries her best to ease his fears, but she herself is a little nervous now that she’s out of her comfort zone. She’s amassed a small but close group of friends so far, though, and that certainly helps. She likes that Kiku doesn’t expect her to be a girly girl, and she’s weirdly fond of Albert and his high-strung attempts at turning her into a studious person. She thinks Wolf is frighteningly attractive and would die if anyone found out, and Charlie… She can’t decide whether she wants to punch him or kiss him half the time. Most of the time she just pushes down the weird butterflies-in-stomach feeling he gives her and keeps going about her life, no matter how hard it’s starting to get.

Samantha "Sam" Jones

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