Red the Pokemon Trainer

He wants to be the very best... like no one ever was...


A young Pokemon trainer leaves home on his epic journey to see the world! Red may not have all of his Poke Balls in one bag but he’s out to make the best of it! With a burning desire to become the very best and an attention span rivaling any other ten year old with ADD, Red has a long road ahead to become a Pokemon Master!

Unfortunately it was this short attention span that got him off on the wrong foot to begin with… Skipping his mother’s fond farewells, ignoring many of the other townsfolk and wandering aimlessly about Palet Town, Red eventually came to Professor Oak’s Laboratory. Noticing the wise Professor wasn’t there, Red helped himself to what could only be party favors on the old man’s table. He then decided that the best thing to do would be to go play with his balls in the woods…

So it began, confused and alone, Red wandered the forests near the town until he was assailed by some random forest rodents. Using the only weapon at hand, Red decided to fling his balls around. Lo and behold, the creatures inside sprung forth to defend their clueless new Trainer.

Thankfully Oak found Red well before the local forests could be euthanized of the Rattata and Nidoran. Taking pity on the foolish boy, Oak reluctantly set up Red with a Pokedex and sent him on his way. Figuring Red could use all the help he could get, Oak allowed him to keep all three of the starter Pokemon.

And so begins our tale of a young boy filled with the desire to become a great Pokemon Master!

Red the Pokemon Trainer

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