Goddess of Light, Master of Mount Icarus, Revealer of Truths


Palutena is the Goddess of Light and Truth in Video Land. Based on the world of Mount Icarus, she remains locked in an eternal struggle with the Goddess of Darkness and Destruction, Medusa.

Her Champion is Pit, or Kid Icarus of the first N Team.

She resides in a temple in Skyland, subtly plying her magics to strike balance and bring light to Darkness. She is protected by an army of centurion angels, led by her champion.

After being Rescued by the New N Team, Palutena has shown the team the events of the first N Team’s Final Battle, and shown them the path ahead. She is a staunch Ally of the team and monitors them in their quest.

Her ability appears to be diminished in the face of the Masters, though she remains a powerful being in her own realm.


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