Super fighting robot from the 20XX


Of all of Dr Thomas Light’s creations, Megaman is probably his most famous. Modified from his household robot, Rock, he underwent the transformation from civil service robot to a fighting robot to recover 6 stolen Master Robots from the hands of Dr Light’s former colleague, Dr. Albert Wily. Armed with an Arm Cannon, which was later upgrade to the Mega Buster and the ability to download and copy the powers of the stolen robots, Megaman was able to destroy the robots, preventing Dr Wily from taking over the world with them.

And so the story of Megaman was written, and he over time and constant struggles with Dr Wily, became the champion of Megaland, and was also selected to become a founding member of the N Team.

Megaman served both his home world and the N Team with fervor, and studied what it was to be a human.

At the end of the Final Battle, he was locked away in the Palace of Power to await the return of the Captain.


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