Champion of Hyrule, bearer of the Triforce of Courage


Link is the Guardian of Princess Zelda and without question the most courageous youth in all of Hyrule. He battles endlessly against the evil Ganon, bearer of the Triforce of Power.

During the Final Battle many years ago, Link confronted Ganon directly in an attack that killed both in a terrible explosion. The Triforces of Power and Courage, no longer bound to their wards, returned to Princess Zelda without warning, and in her grief for losing someone she cared deeply for (loved?) plunged her own kingdom into a wish-fueled rainy and magical slumber, where it remained for many years.

The new N Team led by Charlie Keene, through demonstrations of Power, Widsom, and Courage, resurrected Link (and Ganon) to restore the balance of the Triforce. Link and Zelda have resumed the precarious balance of their abilities, leaving Hyrule in a safe, conscious state. Link has sworn his loyalty to Charlie for helping save Hyrule, and will serve Video Land again as a member of the N Team if called upon.


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