Kiku Ishida

A kind hearted Asian American who can brighten the room with a smile.


Kiku was born in America but her parents were not. Soon after the move, her father passed away due to cancer. They had no money to pay for his treatment so ten year old Kiku had to watch helplessly as her father faded. Despite this she shows a cheery smile to her friends and never brings the subject up. She grew up speaking English but has to speak Japanese with her mother, who is still bad at English.

Kiku wants to be a writer when she graduates but is still worried about eventually leaving her mother to pursue said dream. She works at a bookstore to help pay the bills and is the star of the girls swimming team. In her off time she likes to play video games. She is especially fond of Harvest moon. She is usually seen with her DS or a good book. She is not a tom boy but not a girly-girl either. She can get just as rough as the boys but mellow the room out with feminine charm.

She loves her group of friends and would do anything for any of them. All they would have to do is ask. Wolfram seems nice a poetic despite his size. She would like to be closer friends with Sam though she doubts Sam has any interest in doing so. She kind of thinks Alfred is cute in a geeky kind of way but she would like him a whole lot better if he was just himself instead of what his parents want him to be. Charlie is like the string that holds all of them together. She feels like none of them would be friends if not for him and for that she is grateful. Her friends provide a nice getaway from her life and oppressive, needy mother.

Kiku Ishida

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