Ernest-the Farmer

A southern gentlemen with a knack for all things domestic.


Ernest runs a farm in Forget-me-not Valley. A peaceful village nestled in the mountains away from the cities and pretty much anything else. Ernest is a simple fellow who enjoys the simple things in life. He enjoys cooking, farming, taking care of his animals and going out for drinks at night with a few of his friends. He remains blissfully unaware of any advances made on him by the female inhabitants of the village. He’s quiet and polite, answering in ‘yes ma’am and yes sirs.’ He is quiet but once you get him going he tends to ramble about long spun stories that someone usually has to interrupt him from.

Ernest has run his farm for a few years now, making friends with the villagers and gaining animal companions. He can summon his horse (Edd) and his beagle (Blue) by whistling sharply. His other animals like his cows, chickens and sheep follow him with a ring of a bell. He has a rucksack that he takes with him everywhere. He carries his tools of the trade inside it and somehow they magically all fit. It was an heirloom from his father so it’s very special to him.

In his home universe all the villagers and himself appear in a chibi-like state. Outside his universe, he is a six-foot tall well built man with a charming smile. (Let’s discuss this first, as it may impact how the game is run…)

Ernest-the Farmer

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