Charles (Charlie) Keene

All-star athlete and brainiac attending Northbridge University


Charlie or “CK” to his friends is the son of Professor Kevin Keene. He grew up in Northridge, CA where his Grandmother took care of him while his father was away at college. Charlie was an all-star athlete through high school where he was a part of the swim, track and baseball teams. He was also an honor roll student maintaining a 3.85 GPA, which received him several scholarships and accolades.

As a child his Grandmother would not allow him to play video games and insisted that he focus on studying or his sports. However, as most children banned from doing something he would play those games whenever he had the chance, being it with friends at their houses, the local arcade, or reading about them online.

In order to get away from his overprotective Grandmother and seeing a chance to really get to know his Father, Charlie sought attendance at Northbridge University rather than attend one of the numerous Colleges vying for his attendance.

Charles (Charlie) Keene

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