Cecil Harvey

Final Fantasy Paladin/Dark Knight looking for his love, Rosa


Cecil is at once strikingly handsome and also fearsome as a paladin and dark knight. His hair is platinum white. His eyes bright and clear. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, and dedicated to his love, Rosa. He has a brother, Golbez who is working for the evil Zeromus.


Cecil and his friend Kain were raised by the King of Baron as his adopted sons. Cecil grew quickly in skill as a dark knight, while Kain excelled as a dragoon. In time Cecil joined and soon became the leader of the Red Wings, Baron’s elite air force.

Forced to perform horrific tasks to gather the great elemental crystals for the king, Cecil comes to question his adopted father. He is expelled from the red wings with a single chance at redemption, to deliver a deadly bomb ring to the village of Mist. Main, out of loyalty to Cecil, joins him in his task.

Together they vanquish a powerful Mist Dragon and accidentally unleash the bomb ring upon Mist. Cecil, betrayed again rescues a small girl from the town, Rhydia, and heads off into the desert and away from his home in Baron.

The N Team met Cecil as he was gathering the last of the Crystals for the Hacker and The Freak. With their help, he was able to confront the darkness in his heart and become a Paladin. The chased The Hacker and The Freak to the Red Moon and defeated them, freeing his brother Golbez in the process. When the team had last left him, he was preparing to become the new King of Baron with his new wife, Rosa…

Cecil Harvey

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