Albert Von Krauzer

Your business is his business, if it's going to affect your GPA


Albert Krauzer is in every way (in his own mind) a scholar. Relying on the wealth of the Von Krauzer family, Albert has had the best education money can buy. Unfortunately books became more his friends than actual people. He has more or less wedged himself into his current social circle with bribery of completing homework assignments. Often looked at as a know-it-all, Albert makes it a point to remember his friends’ schedules in order to “better prepare them for the future”.

Completely lacking any athletic ability, Albert naturally fell into the Video Game crowd. Unfortunately his taste is so intellectually refined, he seems to comment more on the programming and artistic aspect of video games as opposed to their fun factor.

A Cutthroat when it comes to succeeding Academically, he has no shame when it comes to dealing with his teachers. Washing cars, pressing suits, getting Lattes, no action is beneath him. He also strives hard to lead by example and is a bit of a teacher’s pet. It also doesn’t help that his major in computer science puts him directly in the lineup for head of the class with his friends. Unfortunately he is extremely jealous of his friend’s natural abilities and connections. He often finds himself envious of Wolfram’s natural German physique, Charlie’s athletic as well as gaming ability, Sam’s free spirit and rebellious nature and Kiku’s cute and lovable demeanor.

When he’s not busy studying, he’s often found lingering around the town like an ominous shadow. Peeking over the shoulders of gamers at the arcade, hanging around Kiku’s book store, sitting in the corner of the Easy Bean with his notebook scrawling personal notes endlessly. He is a fly on the wall who does his best to be in everyone’s business, for their own good.

Secretly he’s been seen sneaking around with a Gameboy and playing Pokemon in hopes of better relating to his friends and their “Pop Culture Ways”. His father and mother, the illustrious industrial tycoons Adolf and Gertrude Von Krauzer would disapprove of this behavior immensely.

Albert Von Krauzer

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