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Date: Friday
Mood: (=D) Happy
Listening to: Def Leppard-Pour Some Sugar On Me
Doing: Studying for Eng

Walking with Sick-Boy (Sick Boy, Sickboy?) today. Ran into a crowd of people. One of them was one of the few students who is going to be passing English this semester. We talked about the Freudian Analysis of characters in stories. Still didn’t follow. Wish class was more like Calc or Physics—at least I would be able to understand it. This whole touchy feely crap is a little out of hand. Still, need to pass the class or I will be failing out this semester. Can’t loose the scholarship now. Would set a bad example for Brian and James. Sarah I am sure will be fine, always has been.

With Al was also two women. Sick-Boy didn’t want to stay to chat with one, might have to look into that. Another was an Asian—can’t remember their names. I don’t think they told me. Sick-boy just called the white one “her”. Others didn’t introduce themselves. Al was at least polite.

Al looked like a Pedo. Short shorts and all. Went back to his place to discuss this English problem more. Revealed that he has the “yellow-fever.” Lent me a copy of his Eng book, will come in handy later—easier to study from then the actual texts. More condensed. Can accept information simply to pass class. Wont fail out now. Offered to help him “get lucky” with his Asian Princess. Went shopping, revelation of enjoyment of Pokemon franchise. Bought outfit accordingly. Chucks, Cargo-pants, “Keep Karpin’” shirt, Poke-Ball Bandoleer Sweatshirt. Unsure if it is much of an improvement as his personality isn’t a match for the outfit. Still better then the 42 suits he has. Should get him noticed at least. Will need to talk to the tomboy to judge affections the other way. Think the oriental doesn’t like me…might have been on the rag.

At home now. Mom still working. have a few hours for peace and quiet as the kids are still out as well. It’s a Friday so Brian and James are still out at the movies. Wont be back until late no doubt. Sarah is probably at her boyfriend’s house for the night. Still not sure how I feel about him. Met him once. Still think he’s a tool hat. Anyway. I am done reading this text book for now. Maybe I can get past Magus’ damn castle in Chrono Trigger… Time to boot up the Emulator.


Rykael Telin

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