The New Adventures of Captain N

What did the Archer say to the Fighter?


(Chrono pulls out a small book and begins to write in Japanese.)

Journal Entry: Chrono
Date: Pre-Tetris

We found our way to Hyrule, the portal the Captain made worked perfectly. It reminded me of the Future. Rain. A depressing almost soul crushing atmosphere. The first person we came across was sleeping. An unnatural sleep that couldn’t be broken. I want to be the same happy person I was before in Megaman’s world, but I find it hard in this weather—it’s too bleak. My mind is troubled, while I want to enjoy my time with my friends, I know that we are moving inexorably toward our fated destination. Every day that goes by is another day that I must become stronger, become better so that we can have a chance at saving her. At changing what will come to pass. In the meantime, I am finding that these people, the hero’s whose shadows I have been chasing for a while are acting…childish in someways. I am finding, as is often the way, that they are more mortal then I had seen them as in my time.

We made our way to Hyrule Castle, a large shield guarded the way. Solid. I couldn’t help but recall the area in the forest guarded by a similar magic. Now, however, I don’t have Marle’s necklace to dispel the effect. Some triangle symbol is present as well—a key no doubt. Having to turn around we make our way to the forest. Instead of a shield an overgrowth of vines impedes our path. sigh Is nothing simple in this accursed place? We made our way once more to the small village where we met our sleeping friend. At the bottom of a well all was explained.

An enchantment had fallen upon these people, a wish gone awry from the princess. To correct it we needed to find three aspects of power here. Courage, Wisdom and Power. Of course, all three aspects needed to be grabbed at the same time. I seemed to have made the Queen of Fairies angry when Samus and I were debating the benefits of how the teams should be divided up. As it turns out The Captain laid down the law, and as such we had little choice. Another turn in the road though, as it seems that the “Temples” would only allow certain people in. The Captain’s teams stood the challenge. One almost has to wonder if he has some hidden insight into these things—other then his knowledge of all of video land. We were all a bit worried about how to remain in communication with one another. I provided the answer, though I must admit it was not my idea. It was actually The N Team who provided the answer to me in thier telling of another adventure.

Earnest and Red were on one team, sent into the Forest to gather their trophy. Samus and I were on another, which lead Tom The Cyber Elf and The Captain to go to the Castle. I must admit I was apprehensive of having the two best and only true Warriors on one team. the Captain I know is ranked with us, but I am here to protect him as much as I am to prevent the death. I don’t know what happened with the others in their trials, as I am sure my presence here has altered much in the flow of time.

When Samus and I entered the temple we were presented with two choices, left or right. Proceeding right we found ourselves in front of a suit of armor with an Axe. We both looked at one another and knew that as we approached it would come to be a member of the undead. True to form, it was. Every one of my attacks was shrugged off as though I were almost not there. Even the mighty Luminare and Lightning spells did nothing. Another stark reminder that I am not in my world anymore. After taking several blows that would have killed lesser warriors it was Samus that destroyed it’s armor with an artful display of her prowess in battle. We both performed our Dual Tech “Thunder and Lightning.” I rode a full charge from her blaster leaping onto the beast attacking it with savage furry, and positioned it into the plasma fire of her gun. Nothing was left. I was glad to be able to do that once more. The next room proved a challenge to the both of us, a large pit of lava over which was suspended a key. With no clear way across it was up to Samus and her acrobatic experience to retrieve it. More then once I wish that I could have done something, but I am trained to fight for Guardia, to save people, not to do stunts. Somehow though she has been trained for both. The chain she had swung on gave way and of course woke something up. A giant Fire Dinosaur. My time with Ayla lead me to know exactly how to defeat such creatures. With the memory of the Tyrano Lair fresh in my mind I let loose with my lightning spells. To no avail. Once more it seems that there is nothing fair in this world. Samus displayed remarkable knowledge of the creature. I needed to distract the creature while she fired one of her missiles into it’s mouth. Her aim was true, but the heat from it’s breath attack forced the projectile off course. There was now only one solution, she would need to be swallowed as a ball and detonate inside it. After missing with my first attempt, I was able to kick her inside with my second. Once there we were able to defeat the creature, though I believe she did most of the work.

With in the final chamber there was some monstrous pig demon whose tail was it’s only weak spot. Around it’s neck was the red pendant we required. Alas, each time we felled the thing it simply returned to standing. Four or five times we weakened it. Every time it decided that I was to be it’s prey. A choice I was fine with. On the last swipe Samus had had enough and simpy liberated the pendant from it. No sooner had we defeated the monster then we were back in the Queen Fairy’s room retrieving the “Game Pad” for the Captain. Shortly there after two of the Master’s had shown up.

One of them quickly ran off, flicking a tetris block at the Captain. My blood ran cold when I saw it. A dare for him to follow to that forsaken realm. First we had to dispatch with The Freak. I saw Ackbar become the one I know. Though twisted and now evil, it took Tom to return it to the one Red had before. It was Tom once again who allowed us to dispatch The Freak. They simply disappeared, upon asking The Captain what happened he told me they went to some World called “Reality”, I recommended that we give chase. It seems that I am unable to get there as I am not real. I don’t understand, I am real. I have had an entire life, some of which was shaped by the N Team itself, most of which has simply been to save the world I love. It was Captain Keene that showed me the other worlds that exist outside of my own reality and allowed me to fall in love with a world other then my own.

I know I should have been more understanding to Red, I shouldn’t have chided him when he was talking about Tetris. However the knowledge of what happens there will haunt me until I correct it. Once all of us are safe and outside of that forsaken realm I will be myself again. I hope.

Thinking about it though: what kind of world does Red come from? I mean he is about 10 years of age, almost an adult, but still a child. Yet he is entrusted with an odd grass wielding flower, a powerful turtle, a flaming salamander, and a fish that turns into a giant dragon. From what I can tell as well this is common place for his world. Who gives children such ultimate power?


Samus didn’t need me for the temple. Anytime in there that I thought I could have been an assistance she simply proved to me how she is capable and able to be on her own. While every time I had the chance to prove that I am not the same young boy she hasn’t met yet, I proved that I am still just as inept as I was before. Has nothing changed? Am I still as brash and new to this as I was when I took the first step into the teleporter to follow Marle? Must I go through the same trials and tribulations again? Must I be as ineffective as I was at the beginning of my own story? When the time comes will I even be able to help? Or when the times comes will I need to die again, as I did to save Marle and Lucca? If I must: I go willingly. Samus, Red, Earnest, Keene…my friends are worth my life. All of video land is worth my life. Saving her is more important than my existence.

The way of the warrior is to one day hope that you never need to pick up your sword.

I will not let them fail this time.


Rykael Telin

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