The New Adventures of Captain N

Time Warp Wackiness in Mega-Land!

PokeDex Log Entry 6
Trainer: Red

Wow, my eyes were still spinning around in my head from that crazy flashback! I just fished out Akbar (My Magikarp) from that magic well thingie the goddess had us stare at and no sooner than that, she’s ready to send us off to our next place. I was hoping to see if I could check the well and see if it gets e-mails at least. I miss Mom and professor Oak and well all the Pokemon stuff I had back home.

I don’t know, it seems kinda weird, like the whole universe is so much bigger than our own little worlds. Imagine that nobody back home has seen ANY of this, not even “My Asshole”, my PokeMon rival! Anyways while I was still trying to make sense of the flashback scene, we were told we were going to this place called Mega-Land. It sounds like it belongs to that blue guy, Mega-Man. If so, than I’m in for more outlandish stuff that I won’t understand. Hey, maybe I can find a computer out there and grab some E-mailed potions or something! Nah, knowing my luck, they probably all drink batteries there or something. Oh well, here goes…

Ok, so we’ve been in this world for maybe 10-minutes and I’m already confused! Everything, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is made of metal! There’s NO tall grass to speak of! I don’t know weather to be sad or relieved to be able to walk two squares without stepping on something! If you think I’ve got it bad, you should see Ernest! I think he needs a paralyz heal because he’s not taking it well. Speaking of stepping on things, we found this weird little thing in the corner, I need to check it out while everybody’s hogging the computer, I don’t know what’s so important it just looks like some old guy talking about time travel.

Oh, WOW! The thing in the corner is some kind of creature called a Cyber Elf! I told him all about PokeMon and he says HE IS one! He’s even barfing water beams all over everything and doing Pokemon moves, this is so cool! I’m gonna call him TOM! TOM the CYBER FAIRY! Huh, they’re talking about time travel, maybe I should’ve been paying attention to …

Ouch my ears are ringing, we just went back in time and found another Tom! They did some weird fusion and now Tom seems to be feeling better. He must be really sick because everyone’s calling him a Virus or something wacky like that. We ended up in the same room as before, only it looks like more stuff works in it and there’s less dust everywhere. We also got jumped but a bunch of robot soldier guys who were freaking out and yelling at us! The captain scored some cool laser spear thing and we all had to time travel some more. I don’t like this, every time we time travel forward… we’re going back in the past… I wonder if we’ll ever have to go … Back to the Future??!!

Ow, I think my organs got turned into soup on that one! We’re not in the room anymore and we gotta find it so we can find more Toms to fix him up! Luckily, he’s not just a Pokemon, he’s a map too, I think. Oh yea, Samus downloaded the internet! The whole thing! Now we shouldn’t have any problems getting around.

We’re totally lost. All of this metal stuff is messing with my brain! Everything has eyes and talks. If they were PokeMon, it would make sense because, well, they’re pokemon! They’re not talking trash-cans, mailboxes and trees! We need to find a guys lab. His name is Doctor Cain I think and he found this robot named Mega-Man X too. I bet he’s a lot like Mega-Man and I guess “X” times cooler too! According to Samus’s internet, we need to find this place called Hunter HQ and find Doctor Cain.

We had to kinda sneak into the Maverick Hunter HQ in order to get some information. I felt really bad that I had to lie to get us in there but I guess nobody minded a little fib. I bet Ernest would’ve washed my mouth out with soap if it really was bad. Well anyway we met up with this big bald guy named Sigma, who seemed to be the leader of the Maverick hunters. I guess a “Maverick” is a robot that goes completely wacky bananas and wants to smash everything. I guess that’s not too bad if you want a robot that breaks stuff but I guess I can see how it might get to be a pain if too many do it. Well Sigma told us where Doctor Cain is as well as his lab, we gotta go check it out!

I think time travel did something to my brain. We just met up with this Mega Man X and I…I… don’t know what to make of him. I mean when I was in the flashback and seeing stuff through Mega Man, I felt the need to help and I guess the desire to succeed. This X guy doesn’t even want to fight. I guess is like a giant cross out, like Mega-Man NOPE! He’s still willing to help us get a chopper to see the lab but he says the radiation is beyond dangerous for us. I don’t think I have any radiation heal or anything like that…

Ok, now time travel is DEFINITELY messing with my head! A huge purple wormhole just tore open in front of us and some crazy looking guy with red hair came flying out! I mean REALLY red hair! He said his name is Chrono and that he’s met us before! Now I know that’s not true, I mean, we’re not the kind of “N” Team that you can easily mistaken, I mean we are all really awesome! I also think that I’d remember a guy who looks like a samurai radish ninja-guy.
Well he says he knows us from the FUTURE and he said all kinds of weird stuff about us. He says I grow up to be a lot stronger so I guess that’s not bad! He says he’s gotta follow us and help us out. Frankly I think that’s the only turn of luck we’ve had so far, seeing how Falco had to leave to fight back in his Space War back home.

We headed to lab and found another Tom! This one’s a little crazy though and we had to put it inside Ernest’s bag. It was kinda scary for awhile cause there was this countdown like it was going to explode and everyone was freaking out! I think we need to go into the far flung future now to a time when there was a Cyber Elf war! I can’t imagine a war with cyber elves though, I mean Tome is so cool and well kinda tiny. I guess they get more dangerous the more experience they get, kinda like Pokemon!
At least that’s what those Master jerks must’ve thought. They popped in and Elf-Napped Tom! It was the Jock, again! He said that he was going to activate Tom and that the virus was going to spread or something like that. I didn’t even know Tom was sick!

We warped into some strange lab place where they’re doing all kinds of bad stuff to Cyber-Elves! We freed a grumpy fellow I named Ezekiel Lightning Bolt (cool name, huh?) and a helpful (sort of) Nurse Fairy by the name of Captain Admiral Flash! They’re gonna help us get Tom back!
We rushed up to the top floor to find the Jock holding Tom captive in a cage. There was also an evil Mega-Man X clone and that red armor robot name Zero (the one from the flash back). They were fighting each other while Jock was making all these commands to Tom, the poor guy!
Ezekiel Lightning Bolt and Captain Admiral Flash helped us turn the tide to help defeat the evil robot X and set the Jock on the ropes. Of course, the Jock didn’t play fair. He clipped us and sent us spiraling through the floors and stuff. It felt much weirder than time travel! I felt like a Ghost type for sure! Anyways, we had to get Tom back from the Jock, and the Captain had a great idea! He gave me this weird arm device and a Poke Ball. It turned the regular Poke Ball into a Shadow Ball, capable of capturing another trainer’s pokemon! It was on!
I was able to capture Tom back! I was so glad to get my little buddy back, but he’s a little out of it. He’s still stuck in the cage. I was so worried about him that I wasn’t listening when the others were messing with another computer. I thought we learned time travel was BAD!!
Well, this time they did some weird computer stuff to Tom and warped us into the past again!
We were at some weird college campus. Well it was better at least because all the grass was normal and the trees were made of wood! Ernest sure was happy, as we all were! I only wish the secretary lady was as nice. Her name was Mrs. Frumplebottom or something wacky like that and she just waved us off to the dean to try and find Dr Light. That’s was such a wacky name I need to remember it for a Pokemon I catch, like a Wabbofet or something.
Luckily the dean was a little bit nicer in helping us find Doctor Light. We had to lie a little bit more but I think it all worked out ok. I was really looking forward to seeing the great genius guy who made Mega Man! It’s kinda weird to know he’s the same old guy who made Mega Man X too.
Well, we met up with old (well he was young) Dr. Light (he wasn’t a doctor yet either). Everything looked a little bit more normal accept the weird computer and what the captain called a classic Game Boy. It seems like Samus liked the Game Boy because she got all concerned after playing with it. After a little while of messing up Light’s college room, his nasty room mate Dr. Wily came in (he wasn’t a doctor either, thankfully). Charlie gave him the tape, just like he promised the Pirate and Tom came back to himself as we left.
Samus told us that Game Boy was the computer to shut down the shield generator and that the next place we had to go was the land of Hyrule! I don’t know WHAT game she was playing on that thing but I don’t know how she got over all the puke green colors, yuck! Now I definitely know that time travel is bad for your health!
Oh yea, come to find out, the Captain has the special power to make portals! That’s come in real handy since we lost all of our space ships and cool rides! We’re off to Hyrule and well hopefully we can fill up our hearts with courage and … well let’s see… _


Rykael Ziruas

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