The New Adventures of Captain N

Note to Future Self

The same thing all over again...

(Chrono pulls out a small book and begins to write in Japanese.)

Journal Entry: Chrono
Date: Still a little unsure…

Truth be told, I am unsure of exactly how much I can say in this…I mean we aren’t just time hopping anymore. Even the Captain warned me that the rules for time travel are different with each world we visit. This is also the first time I have gone to a time within my own life.


We missed. I overshot the time we were aiming for. Like normal. I was supposed to show up shortly before they arrived in Te That Place. Instead I arrived shortly after they arrived in…I think it was Megaman’s world…20XX. It was great to see them again too, before they became the people I know, the friends that I depend on. I knew going in this would be a one-way trip, but at the same time the ability to see them grow into my friends again—to share in the adventures they have told me about so many times around the proverbial campfire.

Yet, here i am surrounded by my friends and I am completely alone. I realize that this is the first time that I have traveled by myself. Even when Marle went missing Lucca came with, I haven’t been alone since then, always with the people that would help me through the toughest times. Even when I joined up with the Captain and the N-Team, someone has always been there with me to keep my head level and my sanity in some cases. Now I am with the shadows of my friends. Here I have the memories of their adventures, and stories that they haven’t been on yet. I look at them and I have the utmost faith and trust in them—how many times have they saved my life, how many times have I saved theirs? Yet they look at me and I see not friendship in their eyes, but distrust, and confusion.

Samus, her ever stoic self still hiding herself behind the faceplate of her Powersuit. I remember how long it had taken for her to actually trust me, not just believe I can take care of myself. Though, that was a long time ago, by my standards. I have become a more competent fighter since we first met. Maybe things will be different this time around?

Ernest, he wears his heart on his sleeve still. I thank the heavens he hasn’t changed at all. We will need that in the times to come. His brash honesty is welcome—at least I know he trusts me.

Red, dear god. Where do I begin? I suppose the real question is when did he grow up? I don’t remember him being anything like the Red he is now. I know that he received Ackbar when he was younger…but certainly the mighty Ackbar I know isn’t this little piece of want to be sushi. I wish I could tell him about the man he will become.

Then there is the Captain. He’s the same at least, though more cautious then I remember. Maybe her death had something to do with it. It effected all of us…

I just hope this goes a little smoother then the last time…


Rykael Telin

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