The New Adventures of Captain N

Kevin Keene's personal audio blog 1

Personal Audio Blog of Kevin Keene (excerpt)
I’m worried about Charlie.
He’s my son, and I know he must be having quite the adventure in Video Land.  How he ended up there was a mystery to me until earlier today.
Between classes I have been looking at that strange program I had found on the University Mainframe that I had Charlie and his classmates review and decode.  Had I taken more time, I would have found out exactly why this triggered something in him.
When I first came to Northbridge U as a student, I tried to find a way to combine a computer program with what I had learned about how Video Land works.  I was never successful though.  I wanted to find a way to bring our two universes together, maybe establish a stable Warp Zone so I could see my friends again.  While I remained able to travel back and forth using my old NES, my program never worked for anyone else, though no one I tested it on at the time had any idea of what I was testing.
That program I created is buried deep inside this larger program I gave to Charlie.  It must have triggered something in him and sent him over to Video Land.  But only a portion of the program was designed by me.  Someone has been working very hard on expanding it since then, and it looks like it might be able to work on more than just Charlie now…
Looking at the modified date for the program and the IP address of the last user, it was last accessed by someone in the Flansburgh Photonics Building just yesterday.  So is the program not yet complete?  It wasn’t well hidden, so I think someone wanted me to find it.  Why would someone want me to fi—
Does someone else in the Real World know that I was Captain N the Game Master?  Not even Mother knows the truth.  The only person I’ve ever spoken to about it was Charlie and only very recently…
He wasn’t kidding when he said he was in trouble.  I can’t wait until Sunday.  He’s in trouble now, and even though I havent been to Video Land in a very long time, he needs all of the help he can get.  I will leave at once.
Let me cancel all of my classes for tomorrow…  Done.
(Kevin’s chari moves and the sound of him putting on his jacket can be heard.  Suddenly, there is a sound of knocking at his office door.)
Of course, I still have office hours, even at this late hour.  After I take care of this student, then I will go.  There isn’t a moment to waste.
(Another knock, more urgent this time.)
I’m coming, hold on.  Pause recording.


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