The New Adventures of Captain N

High Time in Hyrule!

PokeDex Log Entry 7
Trainer: Red

I never thought after so much time in Mega-Land that I’d miss the smell of grass and the open countryside! It’s like the smell of new beginnings and hope and ummm grass! So we popped out in what the captain tells us is Hyrule, the place where that Elf-looking guy Link came from. I still feel kinda sad watching him die in the toilet movie so I can only imagine what kind of trouble his world is in without its hero!
At least in my world there’ll be plenty of Pokemon Trainers to hold back any bad guys that try and mess things up. But then again, I think about all this crazy stuff I’ve seen and the members of the N team as we’ve come together to fight against the masters. We definitely have come a long way and I don’t think other worlds have a good chance without us and the captain!
Well anyways, he we are in Hyrule and the first thing I noticed was all the tall grass everywhere! I think I’ve learned by now that I’m not going to find any Pokemon no matter how much the creatures around here look like them! I mean seriously, an octopus that walks on land and spits rocks? Plus it’s called and Octo-rock? I mean that just screams Pokemon! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep my eyes open!
We found ourselves outside of this cottage in the pouring rain. It looked kinda run down and out of sorts but we went inside to find some old guy asleep. It was really weird because no matter what we did to wake him, nothing worked! Chrono went so far as to drench the guy in water and Ernest poked him for what seemed like 5 minutes. Talk about lazy, even I’m not that tough to wake up in the morning! On top of that, his place must’ve been untouched for what seemed like months, I mean cobwebs EVERYWHERE and just stinky moldy smell on everything. Definitely not as refreshing as tall grass.
Well we sadly couldn’t help the guy so we decided to follow a few paths around. We came to the edge of this weird overgrown forest that was all wrapped up in briars and thorns. Scorched into the ground was a symbol like some kind of triangle but nothing happened when we investigated. We doubled back and came to what looked like a town at the base of a magnificent castle! It was ALMOST as grand as the palace of power (but not as grand). Still the more I think about it, if the palace is still in ruins under the shield, then I guess this castle will have to be grandest of all… the only trouble was, WE COULDN’T GO INSIDE!!!
That’s right, there was some kind of force field surrounding it! It seems giant force fields are a must if you have a castle! Somebody better tell princess peach and Mario that! Maybe it’ll keep them safe from that Bowser guy more often. Still, if somebody kept trying to kidnap my girlfriend, I wouldn’t invite them to play tennis, or golf, or Kart racing or anything like that… where was I? Oh, sorry about that, we tried for a couple of minutes to work our way through the barrier, but we had no luck at all. On top of that, all the people in the town looked like they had fallen asleep right where they stood!
We all worked together to pick the people up and put them into beds, that way when they woke they’d be ok. Ya know, thinking back on it, it’s going to be real funny if they wake up in a house that isn’t theirs…
Well while we were busy straightening out the town, we noticed a funny light coming from the well in the center of town. Tom didn’t waste any time buzzing right in and so we followed. It would’ve been kinda bad if it was a trap, but it was too late so we just jumped right on in. Wow if we followed shiny objects that easily, I think we’d be a heck of a lot easier to trap!
Well deep down in the well we found a bunch of fairies! Yep, just like Tom, but not Cyber, so I guess they weren’t really all that much like him. Their leader was this creepy pale little girl with a doll. She told us that if we wanted to get into the palace, we each had to be worthy to enter the sacred chambers at the same time and retrieve the amulets of Courage, Power, and Wisdom. Ya know I’m just a kid and I think it’d just be a heck of a lot easier hiding the key under the doormat. But what do I know, I’m just ten :P
So off we were, we kinda argued awhile over who was going on who’s team but a few rounds of eenie meenie miney moe sorted that out pretty fast. Well not really. We each had to have some communication or something to talk to everybody else. There was my PokeDex, Charlie’’s Phone, and Samus’s well entire suit of gizmos.
Luckily as it turned out, some mystical force had picked it out for us! If I had the time, I’d name it something cool like Brent or something but we didn’t have time to talk it over. We went to the triangle mark in from of the forest and me and Ernest were picked first! That’s great because I’m not usually picked first for stuff like baseball or kickball. We went deep into the forest and found this giant tree like fortress. It was really scary but Ernest knew a lot about plants so I think we’d be safe. Plus I was planning on using Charmeleon against any grass types we came across. We were ready!
When we entered there were two doors. Luckily it wasn’t a complicated choice (more eenie meenie miney moe for the win). We both agreed on left and found ourselves in a huge unlit room. There was this huge key, just hanging there on a chain in the middle of the room. I figured under the doormat would have made more sense again, but I don’t make dungeons, I just delve them >.<
As soon as we grabbed the key, the doors slammed shut on us and hundreds of these tiny red dots lit up the darkness. Charmeleon lit the room up and we saw dozens of these weird nut men (again not Pokemon)! They were kinda cute until they started flinging their nuts at us! It started to get annoying, then it started to hurt! Even Charmeleon got some nuts caught in his throat. The back blast almost fried me and Ernest! Luckily Ernest started playing Whack-A-Mole with his giant hammer and it was like Deku-Bowling from then on! Charlie had told me later that they were called Deku Scrubs, but I‘d just call them annoying!
Charmeleon got his breath back and managed a Flamethrower shot that sent them running! The doors opened and we were able to double back. When we got to the room back though we were surrounded by a pack of these ravenous looking wolves! It was terrifying for a long time but then Ernest pulled out his squeaky toy for his dog and started giving them orders. I followed suit talking to the wolves like I would my PokeMon, ya know firmly when you’re trying to teach them something and they won’t listen.
It was scary for a awhile but we got them to calm down and even to like us! They were really cute after that! There wasn’t much else to do but open the last door. The huge key took a lot of strength to turn but we got the massive door opened and we stirred up all our Courage to go inside. It was dark for a awhile but eventually we came to this huge chamber where we saw Link!
Well, it looked like link but it wasn’t him, it was all shadowy and evil looking! He was really mean looking and he had this green amulet around his neck! Ernest and I didn’t hold back, we attacked with all we had! We worked together to try and overpower Link by combining our attacks. Squirtle turned into a rocket shell and Ernest was propelled at Link like well, a rocket. It was intense and we definitely had some power going. It just wasn’t enough though.
Everything on Link was made out of shadow so we couldn’t grab, trip, or grapple anything! We kept on trying though and it was starting to look desperate! When things looked their bleakest, we didn’t lose hope though! We heard a howl on the wind and all of our wolves burst into the room! They tackled and pounced on Shadow Link and gave him a beating! On top of that, the Deku-Scrubs rushed in and assaulted Link with a hundred-gun-nut-barrage! He was definitely on the ropes! Ernest and I got lucky though, we tore the amulet off of Link and he vanished in a puff of smoke! Just then, everything went white! I don’t think it was bad because I didn’t lose any money and I didn’t wake up at the nearest PokeMon Center.
Well after everything came to, we were all standing together as a team in the well room again with the Hacker and the Freak looking pleased with themselves! It looks like Charlie got a blue amulet and Chrono and Samus had found a red amulet. It looks like Chrono and Samus had to fight really hard for theirs because Chrono looked really hurt! There was no time for rest, though, we had an epic fight on our hands! The Freak wanted to get revenge on us so she sent the Hacker away and tried to use Evil Tom on us! Poor Tom looked so scared!
Luckily in the flash of an instant, the Freak somehow lost the bottle that had Evil Tom inside and the captain had it in his hands! It was then that I noticed the captain had some kind of retro and ancient looking belt buckle controller thing! It must’ve been really powerful because the Freak didn’t look happy at all! The captain tried talking to the Evil Tom to try and use him like the Freak did but it started making Good Tom go ballistic! Well, there was no saving it, the captain whipped out his blaster and Ka-Pow, fried Evil Tom into evil space dust!
We fought as hard as we could, using team attacks and everything! It looked Chrono and Samus had been training hard too because they were super charging with power too! We all tried to pig pile and wrestle with the freak as Ernest went so far as to try and chop off the Freak’s leg with gardening shears! Remind me not to get him mad, like ever! Samus and Chrono were trying to juggle with her as well, but she cheated and turned off Samus’s armor. That didn’t stop Samus one bit though! She tore into the Freak like a Snorlax on a ham sandwich!
We thought the Freak would be out of commission, but she was just getting warmed up! She…she… she… took my Magikarp, Ackbar, and … made him turn into a giant evil Garrados! It was amazing and terrifying to see Ackbar like that! He was charging up his Dragon Rage to overwhelm us and I tried my very best to wake up Ackbar and make him recognize me! I tried to look into his heart and remind him that he was my friend and that I cared about him. It was really sad, but I just couldn’t reach him… v_v It was in that moment that I realized that I still had a long way to go to become a good trainer. Whether with or without badges, I have to listen to my PokeMon better and try to understand their hearts… Looks like I need to train myself before I can train them…
Luckily Good Tom (well I guess, just Tom) got supercharged and helped us. Before we became Dragon Rage bait (which would have made my previous revelation a few seconds too late), Tom launched himself down Ackbar’s throat! I thought he was totally Sea Monster kibble but Ackbar snapped back and well De-Evolved! Never, I mean never ever, have I heard that happen before! I’m pretty sure every trainer in existence has never ever heard that before!
I was so scared for Magikarp, but it turns out he was ok! Tom was back and more ready and willing to battle than anyone! It was really heart-warming to see how motivated he was and how he thought we were all a team! He did some kind of strange scan on us and he transformed! It was like HE evolved into something like Mecha-Poke-Samurai-Captain-Hunter-Farmer Tom! Oh wait, I got a better one! Mega-Ultra-Crazy-Hyper-Overpowered Tom – HA HA MUCHO TOM~!
It was at that moment we had to press our attack against the Freak! There was no holding back because it was All out payback on the Freak! It was like the Captain guided our hand in that single moment in time because we all came together as a true team and unleashed a power that I think will make the Masters think twice before tangling with us again! It was amazing! Pokemon powers blazing, charged blasts firing, Chrono launching lightning explosions and Ernest rushing forward handing out hammer time! It was beyond epic!
After we defeated the freak, we returned the amulets to the Fairy Queen (who thankfully healed us all). And set off to the castle to meet the princess, who thankfully wasn’t in another castle. Well I found out later that the captain actually had the power of the Tri-Force which gave him three wishes! It was really cool to see that he chose to bring back Hyrule to the way it was. I mean all the way back, Link alive and Gannon and everything! It was really neat seeing Hyrule the way it was supposed to be.
It’s kinda weird to think about what it would be like to have three wishes, I mean the captain could’ve turned his back on everything and just gone home or he could have wished something else. I guess that’s why he’s the captain and he had the amulet of Wisdom. Deep down, I think he made the best choice of all. I admit, that if I was in his place, I’d probably wish to go home to see my mom or something. I guess that means I still have some growing up to do! I think I’m going to try and be like the captain and think of the right choices before rushing in. As long as I have my friends, my Pokemon AND my team mates, I think it’ll turn out ok!
Well we found the computer and location of the next world is called Tetris World. Samus seems to have some bad feeling about the place so I think we’re going to have to be careful! She said something about losing the princess’s brother there. It definitely sounds dangerous, but if Ernest can fling around those Tetris blocks like he did the captain’s, than I feel a little bit safer. If worse comes to worse, we can have mashed potatoes!
We’re off, as my Pokemon journey takes yet another strange turn, let’s see what’s around the next bend…or block…or whatever…


Rykael Ziruas

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